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Personal Info

Dr. Jibo He is an associate professor, Ph.D. supervisor of Department of Psychology at Tsinghua University and a tenured professor at Wichita State University in the United States. Professor He's main research interests are cognitive psychology, driving safety, human-computer interaction, flight safety, user experience, smartphones and wearable devices, eye tracking and attention. Dr. Jibo He has published 34 journal papers, 45 conference papers, which are cited for more than 1679 times, in the fields of psychology, computer science and traffic safety. Jibo He and his affiliation unit has applied for 8 patents in the United States and 27 European countries and many companies are applying for using Jibo He's patents. Professor Jibo He has received $1,140,760 (761,3352 RMB) in research funding, including the Federal Aviation Administration Center of Excellence, the National Natural Science Foundation of United States, and the National Youth Science Foundation of China. Dr. Jibo He is the Director of the American Aviation Administration, which is rare for a Chinese. Jibo He has won the honor of Microsoft's "Star of Tomorrow" and the "Most Valuable Graduate" of the University of Illinois, as well as several scientific and technological innovation awards. His research has beem translated to Chinese, English, German and Spanish and other languages, and has been reported by several media, companies and institutions such as Zhejiang TV Satellite, Bloomberg News (one of the largest media in the US), Kansas City Star, New York Public Radio, APA Monitor ( a magazine which many psychologists read), Google, US Congress and so on.

  • First Name : Jibo
  • Last Name : He
  • Date of birth : 13 November 1984
  • Nationality : China
  • Phone :(+86)-130-5138-1327
  • Address : Department of Psychology, Tsinghua University
  • Email : hejibo@gmail.com
  • Language : English - Chinese
  • 34+

     SCI Paper    
  • 1.326 +

    million dollars of funding  
  • 887+

    times of citation 
  • 52.431+

    impact factor 

My Skill & Interest

  • Expertise

    Programming Languages

    Proficient in Python, Java, Matlab (Psychotoolbox), Objective-C, Swift;
    Familiar with C++, PHP, HTML, CSS, Lisp, Act-R, E-Prime, Presentation, Latex;
    Smartphone development for iPhone, Android, Android Wear, Google Glass

  • Statistics Packages

    SAS, SPSS, R

  • User Experience Research

    Eye-tracking experiment design and data analysis
    Focus group, Paper prototyping, Cognitive task analysis, Heuristic evaluation, Card sorting, A/B testing, Usability benchmarking etc.

  • User Interface Design

    Morae, Photoshop, Axure, Persona, Invision, JustInMind

  • Research Interest

    • Experimental Psychology
    • Cognitive Psychology
    • Human factors
    • Driver distraction
    • Driver fatigue
    • Aviation safety
    • Eye movement
    • Human-machine interaction
    • Visual cognition
    • Attention
    • Computer vision
    • Usability
    • Mobile devices
    • Augmented reality
    • Virtual reality
    • Mixed reality

My Experience

Work Experience

  • Research Scientist - State Farm Insurance; Champaign, IL

    Conduct user experience study of online quote system.
    Lead the development of smartphone applications for driver fatigue and distraction detection using Android and iPhone.

  • Software Developer - SR Research Inc.; Toronto, CANADA

    In charge of developing a statistics software for the analysis of eye movement data using Python and PyQt.

  • Usability Researcher - EPTCO Group; Champaign, IL

    Optimize an e-commerce website for better search engine rank and user experience.

  • Research Assistant - Accounting Department, UIUC; Champaign, IL

    In charge of questionnaire design and data analysis.
    Data-mining a huge pdf files.

  • Research Scientist -Microsoft Research; Beijing, CHINA

    In charge of HTML coding and user interface design for “Lyra”, a web search engine.
    In charge of user test design and paper writing for “Lyra” & “IGroup”.
    Excellent evaluation for my internship program.
    Two papers named “Long Query Suggestion List: Prioritized or Organized” and “Presenting Web Image Search Results in Semantic Clusters” are respectively accepted by the top conferences in ACM Human Computer Interaction (HCI).

Academic Positions

  • Associate Professor -Dept. of Psychology, Tsinghua University
  • Associate Professor -Dept. of Industrial Engineering, Tsinghua Univ.
  • Tenured associate professor -Dept. of Psychology, Wichita State University
  • Assistant professor -Dept. of Psychology, Wichita State University
  • Invited guest professor -Dept. of Psychology, Peking University
  • Research scientist - Transportation Research and Innovation Lab, State Farm Insurance Company
  • Researcher - Microsoft Research Asia

My Education & Honors

Educational Background

  • PhD, Psychology -University of Illinois
  • MA, Psychology -University of Illinois
  • BA, Economics -Peking University
  • BS, Psychology -Peking University

Awards and Honors

  • 1. Innovation Award: Newsmaker, WSU 10/2015
    2. Innovation awards by Wichita Business Journal 02/2015
    3. Kansas Innovation Award, WSU 01/2015
    4. Faculty of Excellence Award, WSU 11/2014
    5. John A See Research Award ($10,000), WSU 05/2014
    6. Health Care Innovation Award ($7,000), WSU 05/2014
    7. Technology Innovation Award ($7,000), WSU 05/2014
    8. Coleman Entrepreneurship Fellow, WSU 08/2013
    9. Most Valuable Graduate Award, UIUC 08/2012
    10. Best student paper award, Human Factors & Ergonomics Society 09/2011
    11. Outstanding Internship Award, State Farm Insurance 08/2011
    12. Graduate College Travel Fund, UIUC 09/2009
    13. Birnbaum Fellow, Society for Computer in Psychology 11/2008
    14. Graduate College Travel Fund, UIUC 10/2008
    15. Psychology Department Travel Fund, UIUC 09/2008
    16. Herbert Woodrow Fellowship, UIUC 04/2008
    17. Outstanding Involvement Human Factors Ergonomics Society, UIUC 09/2007
    18. Cherry 21st Century Scholarship, Peking University 10/2006
    19. Excellent Student Leadership, Peking University 10/2006
    20. Star of Tomorrow Internship Award, Microsoft 09/2006
    21. Karamay Scholarship, Peking University 10/2005
    22. Excellent Individual in Social Practice, Peking University 10/2005
    23. President’s Undergraduate Research Fellowship, Peking University 05/2005
    24. Dean’s Award for Academic Excellence, Peking University 10/2004
    25. Excellent Members of the Students Service Team, Peking University 10/2004


  • PI. Vehicle Tracking App for iOS and Android (2018); Develop a smartphone app to track vehicle locations and time during vehicle maintenance Award amount: RMB 21,0930 Funded by: BMW China Automotive Trading Ltd.

    PI. Voice-based lying detection (2018); Using audios to detect lies for credit acceptance Award amount: RMB 27,0000 Funded by: BMW China Automotive Trading Ltd.

    Co.PI. Youth Fund of Natural Science Foundation of China (2017-2019); The Development of User Experience Model of Information Visualization and Its Application; Award amount: RMB 210, 000 (equivalent to $ 30,484)

    PI., & Director. Federal Aviation Administration Center of Excellence (2016-2021) The Use of Head-Mounted Display and Wearable Devices in Simulator-based Pilot Training. Award amount: $289,908

    Co. PI. National Science Foundation (NSF) (2016) CSR: Small: Surviving Cybersecurity and Privacy Threats in Wearable Mobile Cyber-Physical Systems (REU supplement) Award amount: $23,044

    Co. PI. National Science Foundation (NSF) (2016-2019) EAGER: A Cloud-assisted Framework for Improving Pedestrian Safety in Urban Communities using Crowd-sourced Mobile and Wearable Device Data Award amount: $287,925

    Co. PI. National Science Foundation (NSF) (2015-2018) Surviving Cybersecurity and Privacy Threats in Wearable Mobile Cyber-Physical Systems. Award amount: $380,000

    P.I. Vigo Technologies Inc. (2015) On-road driving study to evaluate a wearable Bluetooth headset to monitor driver fatigue (Phase 2) Amount: $17,325

    P.I. Vigo Technologies Inc. (2015) Use wearable Bluetooth headset to monitor driver fatigue (Phase 1) Amount: $9,681

    P.I. Kansas Innovation Award (2015) Develop mobile usability toolkit for usability research, and enhance uSee Glass for usability observation Amount: $10,000

    Co-P.I. Chinese National Science Foundation (2014-2016) Driver inattention state detection based on gaze concentration Amount: $37,000 (230,000 RMB)

    P.I. State Farm Insurance Company (2014) Optimize the smartphone-based collision warning system for nighttime performance. Amount: $67,869.

    P.I. State Farm Insurance Company (2014) Development of a collision warning system using iPhone and Android. Amount: $64,270.

    Co-P.I. John A See Research Award (2014) Wearable Computing and Smart Phone Apps for Pilot Safety Amount: $10,000

    P.I. Preferred Mental Health Management, LLC (2014) Validate the Ruthven Impairment Scale Amount: $1,500

    Co.P.I. Regional Center for Transportation Research, Department of Transportation (2014) Evaluate how texting using Google Glass influences driving performance Amount: $17,748

    P.I. Wichita State University-Award for Research/Creative projects (2014) Develop a Google Glass application to detect fatigue for pilots and drivers Amount: $4,000

    P.I.Wichita State University-Multidisplinary Research Project Award (MURPA) (2013) Validate the accuracy and reliability to measure heart rate remotely with a webcam or a smartphone Amount: $7,500

    P.I.State Farm Insurance Company (2012-2013) Identify visual indicators and vehicle dynamics of driver fatigue Amount: $30,000

My Publication

Refereed Jounal Publications

Manuscript Under Review

  • 1. Liu, X.F., Zhang, Q., &He, J. (submitted). Claiming to be Good in Parts or in Whole? The Joint Effect of Headline and Body Copy on Ad Effectiveness. Journal of Business Research
    2. Liu, Xuefeng, Jason Q. Zhang and Jibo He (2017), “The Effects of Incentives on Valence of Product Reviews,” to be submitted to Marketing letters.
    3. Liu, Xuefeng, Jason Q. Zhang and Jibo He (2017), “Small Screens Beat Big Ones: The Comparison between Smart Phone Ads and Billboards on Ad Effectiveness,” Working paper, target journal: Journal of Business Research.
    4. He, J., Sun, Q., Persinger, J., & Ni, R., & Jadliwala , M. (under review). Does smartwatch bring distractions closer to drivers? PLOS ONE.
    5. Ren, Z. Deng, Y., Dai, He, J.(under review). A deep learning framework to detect cell-phone usage while driving. IEEE Transactions on Human-Machine Systems
    6. He, J. , Chaparro, A., Zhou, R.G. (under review). Texting while driving: Attention share or attention switch? Computers in Human Behavior.
    7. He, J., Chaparro, B., Persinger, J., Haskins, C., & Ellis, J. (under writing). A Data Logging Toolkit for Mobile Usability Research: A Case Study. Journal of Usability Studies
    8. He, J., Huang, S., Liu, G.L., Zhang, D. (working project). Neural activities for drivers who text behind the wheel. Ergonomics.


  • 1. He, Jibo, and Jeremy Patterson. "Non-invasive biofeedback system." U.S. Patent Application 15/478,869, filed April 4, 2017.
    2. Plummer, B. A., Brown, P. A., He, J., Fields, B. M., Roberson, S., Cielocha, S. C., & Peng, J. (2017). System and method for monitoring and reducing vehicle operator impairment. U.S. Patent No. 9,758,173. Washington, DC: U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.
    3. Fields B M, He J, Nepomuceno J A, et al. (2016). Real-time driver observation and scoring for driver's education: U.S. Patent 9,275,552[P]. 2016-3-1.
    4. He, J., and Zhiquan Ren. "Vehicle operator impairment detection system and method." U.S. Patent Application 15/137,449, filed April 25, 2016.
    5. He, J., Fields, B. M., Roberson, S., Cielocha, S., Peng, J., & Coltea, J. (2015). System and method to monitor and reduce vehicle operator impairment. U.S. Patent No. 8,981,942. Washington, DC: U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. 17 Mar. 2015.
    6. He, J., Fields, B. M., Roberson, S., Cielocha, S., Peng, J., & Coltea, J. (2015). System and method to adjust insurance rate based on real-time data about potential vehicle operator impairment. U.S. Patent No. 8,930,269. 6 Jan. 2015.
    7. Plummer, B. A., Brown, P. A., He, J., Fields, B. M., Roberson, S., Cielocha, S., & Peng, J. (2016).Systems and methodologies for real-time driver gaze location determination and analysis utilizing computer vision technology. U.S. Patent No. 9,275,532. 1 Mar. 2016.
    8. He, J., &Patterson, J.. Non-invasive biofeedback system. U.S. Patent No. 20,160,066,835. 10 Mar. 2016.
    9. He, J.& Chaparro, B. (Patent pending). Computer program, system, and method for observation and communication for mobile settings, mobile applications, and wearable mobile devices; Serial No. 62/069,005; Filed October 27, 2014; Docket No. 46799-PRO
    10. He, J., Chaparro, B., & Wang, L. (Patent pending). Lens mount for a wearable mobile device; Serial No. 62/069,027; Filed October 27, 2014; Docket No. 46840-PRO

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